Fall 1995Edit

  • Managing Editor: Melissa Tennies
  • News Editor: Lindsey Rausch
  • Features Editor: Lisa Crews, Sara Hawkins (acting)
  • Business/Ad Managers: Veronica Fragozo, Stephanie Carroll
  • Sports Editor: Carlos Treviño
  • Associate Sports Editor: Rigo Guerrero, Matthew Golightly
  • Photo Editor: Eckhart Von Ellenrieder
  • Artists/Cartoonists: Fabian Magaloni, Whitney Looff
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Cynthia Klekar
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo[1]

Spring 1996Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Cynthia Klekar
  • News Editor: Lindsey Rausch
  • Business/Ad Managers: Veronica Fragozo, Stephanie Carroll
  • Sports Editor: Matthew Golightly
  • Photo Editor: Gary Wright
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Jessica Torres
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo[1]

Advisory BoardEdit

  • Mansour El-Kikhia
  • Steven G. Kellman
  • Ronald Ribble
  • Mark Bernstein
  • Karen Whitney
  • Richard Gambitta
  • Charles Field
  • Steve Levitt
  • Paul Davis[1]


Issue Vol. No. Date Day Sample cover story[1]
244 18 14 8/29/1995 Tue Downtown groundbreaking signals new expansion of 'UTSA del Barrio'
245 18 15 9/6/1995 Wed Students welcomed back with a 68 percent fee increase
246 18 16 9/12/1995 Tue Possible proposal plan for shuttle situation
247 18 17 9/19/1995 Tue Town meeting held to address fee increase
248 18 18 9/26/1995 Tue MAT 1013 expected to be phased out
249 18 19 10/3/1995 Tue V.O.I.C.E.S. takes action and cleans up the community
250 18 20 10/10/1995 Tue Unabomber: memo sent to warn faculty
251 18 21 10/17/1995 Tue 'Campus Gag Rule' fools students
252 18 22 10/24/1995 Tue Pro-life poster spurs strong reactions
253 18 23 10/31/1995 Tue Phone problems persist at Oaks
254 18 24 11/7/1995 Tue Concealed weapons banned from campus
255 18 25 11/14/1995 Tue Student learns what it is like to have feet in UTSA President Kirkpatrick's shoes
256 18 26 11/21/1995 Tue Faculty, staff lacks ethnic diversity
257 19 1 1/16/1996 Tue
258 19 2 1/23/1996 Tue Changes made in Core Curriculum
259 19 3 1/30/1996 Tue 'The time has come': Professors call for President Kirkpatrick's resignation
260 19 4 2/6/1996 Tue UTSA now an official polling sight (sic)
261 19 5 2/13/1996 Tue $332,000 federal grant approved for UTSAPD
262 19 6 2/20/1996 Tue Rapidly expanding: UTSA breaks ground for construction of a Biosciences building
263 19 7 2/27/1996 Tue Student fees used to violate University policy
264 19 8 3/5/1996 Tue Academic probation plagues unprepared UTSA freshmen
265 19 9 3/12/1996 Tue Computer lab planned for Business building
266 19 10 4/2/1996 Tue Court ruling will not affect UTSA admissions policy
267 19 11 4/9/1996 Tue Universities struggle with grade inflation problem
268 19 12 4/16/1996 Tue Dodging bullets: UTSA students witness courtroom shooting
269 19 13 4/23/1996 Tue Chicano/Chicana coalition forces administration's hand

Photo PollEdit

Date Listed Author(s) Question
8/29/1995 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder What do you plan to do the night before the first day of class?
9/6/1995 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder How long does it take you to find parking?
9/12/1995 none What would you do if you found a snake next to you in bed?
9/19/1995 Christa Leach What do you think of the food prices on campus?
9/26/1995 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder What do you think of Jerry Jones and his 'boys?
10/3/1995 Ryan Lambrecht, Diane Abdo Should UTSA host Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Pride Week? Why or why not?
10/10/1995 Christa Leach Has the VIA price increase affected you? Why or why not?
10/17/1995 Gary Wright If you were given the opportunity to be president of UTSA for a day, what would you do?
10/24/1995 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder Should Yolanda Saldivar be acquitted? Why or why not?
10/31/1995 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder What's the one thing you would never be for Halloween?
11/7/1995 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder How do you relieve stress?
11/14/1995 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder Do you think the university should have a day care center?
11/21/1995 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder If elections were held today, would you vote Democrat or Republican? Why?
1/16/1996 Gary Wright none
1/23/1996 Gary Wright What safety precautions do you take while on campus?
1/30/1996 Gary Wright Do you think advertising threatens the impartiality of a newspaper?
2/6/1996 Gary Wright What is a good Photo Poll question?
2/13/1996 Gary Wright With which cartoon character would you like to have sex?
2/20/1996 Gary Wright Do you think San Antonio should buy the Spurs?
2/27/1996 Gary Wright What do you think of the UTSA yearbook?
3/5/1996 Gary Wright What possessed you to come to UTSA?
3/12/1996 Gary Wright What, to you, is the most important issue of the '96 campaign?
4/2/1996 Gary Wright Has affirmative action been successful?
4/9/1996 Gary Wright What do you think about the summer class availability?
4/16/1996 Gary Wright Have you or would you take classes at Cypress Towers-Downtown Campus?
4/23/1996 Gary Wright What do you do to prepare for finals?


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