Student AwardsEdit

Outstanding Freshman

  • Winner: Bertha Montoya

Outstanding Sophomore

  • Winner: Mary del Alto

Outstanding Junior

  • Winner: Todd Huoni

Outstanding Senior

  • Winner: Mike Flores

Outstanding Graduate/Special Student

  • Winner: Warren Miller

Findling Award

  • Winners: William Cleary, Lori Godfrey

Golden Feather Award

  • Winners: Lionel Cantu, Kim McIntrye, Warren Miller, Carol Miller, Nolan Pike

Faculty/Staff AwardsEdit

Outstanding Faculty Member

  • Winner: Dr. Ellen Clark

Outstanding Support Staff Member

  • Winner: Joyce Jones

Outstanding Professional Staff Member

  • Winner: Richard Coates

Outstanding Advisor

  • Winner: Dr. David Semrad

Campus Recreation AwardsEdit

Female Athlete of the Year

  • Winner: Tisha Boldt

Male Athlete of the Year

  • Winner: Paul Perrone

Female and Male Intramural Athletes of the Year

  • Winners: Martha Gonzalez and William Strain[1]


  1. "UTSA's 14th annual University Life Awards recognized the following students, faculty and organizations". Paisano from 4/30/91, page 3. Retrieved September 1, 2012.

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