Fall 1991Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Matthew D. Stern
  • Managing Editor: Michelle Shields Kirby
  • News Editor: Robert Schermerhorn
  • Assistant News Editors: Tracy Nolte, Sunyoung Hammond, Mary-Heather Barber
  • Features Editor: David Van Hoesen
  • Assistant Features Editor: Tara A. Sweet
  • Business/Ad Managers: Glenda Huebotter, Marie Nevarez
  • Photographers: Jose E. Rodriguez, Michael Q. Garza, Mark J. Delgado, Darren Fransella, Michael Blumhard, Prentiss Lashuret
  • Sports Editor: Zach Davis
  • Assistant Sports Editor: C. G. Stidham III
  • Photo Editor: Ron Shulman
  • Assistant Photo Editor: Travis Schiebel
  • Artists/Cartoonists: John K. Ramirez, Daniel Stipp
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Tomas Trevino
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Spring 1992Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Matthew D. Stern
  • Managing Editor: David Van Hoesen
  • News Editor: Robert Schermerhorn
  • Assistant News Editors: Mary-Heather Barber, Stephen Cavazos
  • Features Editor: Maria Teresa Gordeon
  • Assistant Features Editor: Amy Leigh Kraft
  • Business/Ad Managers: Glenda Huebotter, Joe A. Hernandez
  • Photographers: Mark J. Delgado, Prentiss Lashure, Amy Norman, Travis Schiebel, Sheri Mumme, Charlie Perez, Eckhart Von Ellenreider
  • Sports Editor: Zach Davis
  • Assistant Sports Editors: C. G. Stidham III, Ruben Robert Martinez
  • Photo Editor: Darren Fransella
  • Artists/Cartoonists: John K. Ramirez, Jay Maglasson
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Lorrie Sims
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Advisory BoardEdit

  • Mark Allen
  • Steven G. Kellman
  • Richard Utecht
  • Ted Skekel
  • Karen Whitney
  • Neil Maurer
  • Richard Howe
  • Mansour El-Kikhia


Issue Vol. No. Date Day Sample cover story[1]
168 14 1 8/27/1991 Tue UT System puts out smokers
169 14 2 9/10/1991 Tue Home, Hollis and the graduation hoopla
170 14 3 9/24/1991 Tue Heightened dorm security prompts residents' concerns
171 14 4 10/8/1991 Tue English division faculty turnover increasing
172 14 5 10/22/1991 Tue Wilder tosses hat in San Antonio
173 14 6 11/5/1991 Tue UTSA clarifies harrassment policies
174 14 7 11/19/1991 Tue Gang experts discuss increasing violence
175 15 1 1/21/1992 Tue UTSA mourns the loss of three student athletes
176 15 2 2/4/1992 Tue Student Health Office offering AIDS programs, condoms
177 15 3 2/18/1992 Tue Lawsuit seeks more doctoral degrees for South Texas
178 15 4 3/3/1992 Tue University's first doctoral degree set to begin in fall
179 15 5 3/31/1992 Tue Contracts with private interests can weaken student services
180 15 6 4/14/1992 Tue Vote in SRA elections April 15-16

Photo PollEdit

Date Listed Author(s) Question
8/27/1991 Tom Trevino, Ron Shulman What changes do you expect to take place in the Soviet Union as a result of the recent coup attempt?
9/10/1991 Tom Trevino, Ron Shulman What is your opinion of the catfish farm and the controversy surrounding it?
9/24/1991 Tom Trevino, Travis Schiebel Who should the Democrats nominate for president in 1992?
10/8/1991 Tom Trevino, Darren Fransella With respect to the recent happenings in Iraq, do you consider Desert Storm a failure, and should the US go back?
10/22/1991 Darren Fransella, Travis Schiebel How would you respond to gender discrimination on campus?
11/5/1991 Bill Douglass, Prentiss Lashure What do you believe the outcome of the Middle East peace conference will be?
11/19/1991 Daniel Stipp, Prentiss Lashure What do you think will be the long term effects of Magic Johnson's announcement that he has the AIDS virus?
1/21/1992 Robert F. Kister, Travis Schiebel Why do you think the files on the Kennedy assassination were kept closed?
2/4/1992 Bill Douglass, Travis Schiebel How do you feel a person's private life should factor into his or her political life?
2/18/1992 Eckhart Von Ellenrieder, Anthony Cristo What do you think Mike Tyson's punishment should be?
3/3/1992 Darren Fransella, Adrian Cepeda Should drugs be legalized? Why or why not?
3/31/1992 Maria Teresa Gordon, Eckhart Von Ellenrieder Why do you think there was daily coverage of the Smith trial, and not the Manuel Noriega trial?
4/14/1992 Stephen Cavazos, L. Carolina Suescun Do you feel the university is offering enough courses this summer? What would you like to see offered?


  1. "Browsing items in: Paisano Student Newspaper". UTSA Libraries Special Collections. Retrieved August 8, 2012.
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