Fall 1989Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: S. L. Hampson
  • Managing Editor: Tracy S. King
  • News Editor: Melissa Muse
  • Features Editor: Alexandra Berndt
  • Business/Ad Managers: Cristina Besosa, Jeffery Stanteen
  • Photographers: Ron Belenski, Moira Chernosky, Heather Luster, Steve Bennett, Karen Hogensen, Ron Schulman
  • Sports Editor: Tammy Copello
  • Photo Editor: Richard Green
  • Artists/Cartoonists: Lloyd Walsh, Pat Duke, Mark Delgado
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Adam L. Saenz
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Spring 1990Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Tracy S. King
  • News Editor: Melissa Muse
  • Features Editor: Alexandra Berndt
  • Business/Ad Managers: Todd Matthew Huoni, Eric A. Quiroz
  • Photographers: Steven Bennet, Moira Eckrem, Heather Luster, David Adame
  • Photo Editor: Karen Hogensen
  • Assistant Photo Editor: Ron Shulman
  • Artists/Cartoonist: Mark J. Delgado
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Caroline Lundy
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Advisory BoardEdit

  • Steven G. Kellman
  • Mark Allen
  • James Groff
  • Bill Mitchell
  • Linda Pritchett
  • Karen Whitney
  • Neil Maurer


Issue Vol. No. Date Day Sample cover story[1]
137 11 1 8/29/1989 Tue UTSA lacks new president, college dean
138 11 2 9/12/1989 Tue Williams accepts UTSA reins
139 11 3 9/26/1989 Tue Regents name UTSA president
140 11 4 10/10/1989 Tue Degrees mark 'milestone'
141 11 5 10/24/1989 Tue New student computer lab planned
142 11 6 11/7/1989 Tue Bomb threat sends police on search
143 11 7 11/21/1989 Tue Innocent death row convict talks
144 11 8 12/5/1989 Tue Panel debates abortion issues
145 12 1 1/16/1990 Tue New president's strategic plan to produce goals for University
146 12 2 1/30/1990 Tue Students disagree with administrators over University Center food policy
147 12 3 2/13/1990 Tue Students, faculty say 'whoa' to rodeos
148 12 4 2/27/1990 Tue Cash offered for photo of lab animal abuse
149 12 5 3/13/1990 Tue New vice presidents to join UTSA
150 12 6 4/3/1990 Tue Student government impeaches its president
151 12 7 4/17/1990 Tue Off-campus service caters dinner in UC
152 12 8 5/1/1990 Tue Student affairs boss candidates meet students at reception

Photo PollEdit

Date Listed Author(s) Question
8/29/1989 Richard Green, Ronald Belenski What is your opinion of the financial aid office?
9/12/1989 Richard Green, Ronald Belenski What would you like to see in a new university president?
9/26/1989 Richard Green What is your opinion of the SRA's new top ten t-shirts?
10/10/1989 Richard Green, Heather Luster If you were the president of UTSA and had a blank check, what aspect of the university would you improve?
10/24/1989 Caroline Lundy, Travis Ortlieb If you could visit with anyone's ghost, who would you like to meet?
11/7/1989 Stephen Bennet, Ron Shulman, Demetrius Martin What do you think of the new law changing the minimum wage, and what will its impact be?
11/21/1989 Karen Hogensen, Ron Shulman What is your feeling on the new UTSA smoking policy which takes effect Jan. 1?
12/5/1989 Karen Hogensen, Ron Shulman How do you think the 80's will be remembered?
1/16/1990 Karen Hogensen, Ron Shulman What do you foresee for the decade of the '90s?
1/30/1990 Eric Schoondergang, Karen Hogensen Now that the new smoking policy has taken effect, what is your opinion of it and how has it affected you?
2/13/1990 Heather Luster, David Adame If the UTSA campus had facilities for voluntary recycling services, would you use them?
2/27/1990 David Adame, Karen Hogensen Do you participate in any extracurricular activites on campus? Why or why not?
3/13/1990 David Adame, Karen Hogensen What qualities would you like to see in the new SRA members?
4/3/1990 Eric Schoondergang, Carolyn Kurtz How do you feel about the distribution of clean needles to drug users as a step towards the education and prevention of AIDS?
4/17/1990 Carolyn Kurtz, Eric Schoondergang What effect do you think Burmeisters leaving will have on UTSA's sports program?
5/1/1990 Eric Schoondergang, Carolyn Kurtz As a UTSA night student, how do you feel about the services being offered to you after 5:00 p.m.?


  1. "Browsing items in: Paisano Student Newspaper". UTSA Libraries Special Collections. Retrieved August 8, 2012.
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