Fall 1987Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Sally Jean Peck
  • News Editor: Sally Jean Peck
  • Features Editor: Richard Catala
  • Business/Ad Managers: Cristina Besosa, Kevin Jacks
  • Photographers: Jill Mathis, Sally Jean Peck, Ty Zeretzke, Randy Saucedo
  • Sports Editor: Toby Oaks
  • Photo Editor: Lloyd Walsh
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Spring 1988Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Sally Jean Peck
  • News Editor: Maribeth Cortez
  • Features Editor: Scarlet L. King
  • Business/Ad Managers: Cristina Besosa, Patricia Bridges
  • Photographers: Lloyd Walsh, Ty Zeretzke, Jose Rodriguez, Peter Smith, Sebastian Wren
  • Sports Editor: Clay Wallace
  • Photo Editor: Peter Smith
  • Artists/Cartoonists: Pat Duke, Eric Payne
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Jeff Turpin
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Advisory BoardEdit

  • John Stoler
  • Steven G. Kellman
  • Petrea Sandlin
  • Ron Miller
  • Mary Rauch
  • Neil Maurer


Issue Vol. No. Date Day Sample cover story[1]
106 8 9 9/1/1987 Tue UTSA business college faces accreditation loss
107 8 10 9/15/1987 Tue AIDS: 'Best defense is information'
108 8 11 9/29/1987 Tue Enrollment increases - parking doesn't
109 8 12 10/13/1987 Tue Lack of resources, opportunities may have sparked faculty exodus
110 8 13 10/27/1987 Tue SRA to examine student service fee budget
111 8 14 11/10/1987 Tue Construction on UTSA's Engineering Biotechnology Building begins fall '88
112 8 15 11/24/1987 Tue Wagener and MEChA discuss minority needs
113 8 16 12/8/1987 Tue University police hire student aides
114 9 1 1/26/1988 Tue Faculty, administrators discuss exit exam results
115 9 2 2/9/1988 Tue Evangelist ousted from UTSA by campus police
116 9 3 2/23/1988 Tue Board of Regents authorizes fee increases
117 9 4 3/8/1988 Tue TASP test becomes upper division course prerequisite
118 9 5 4/5/1988 Tue Campus car theft increasing - 11 cases reported
119 9 6 4/19/1988 Tue Fiesta UTSA sparks campus frolicking
120 9 7 5/3/1988 Tue Business college accreditation continued

Photo PollEdit

Date Listed Author(s) Question
9/1/1987 Lloyd Walsh, Sally Jean Peck Why did you choose UTSA?
9/15/1987 Jill Mathis, Sally Jean Peck How would you solve UTSA's parking problems?
9/29/1987 Jill Mathis, Sally Jean Peck What student services does UTSA need to add or improve?
10/13/1987 Jill Mathis, Toby Oaks What do you think of the NFL players' strike?
10/27/1987 Randy Saucedo, Sally Jean Peck If you were advising President Wagener on the budget what advice would you give him?
11/10/1987 Randy Saucedo What do you think of the spring class schedule; how would you improve it?
11/24/1987 Randy Saucedo, Sally Jean Peck What do you think about public officials who admit to smoking marijuana?
12/8/1987 Randy Saucedo, Sally Jean Peck Do you think the $15 University Center Fee is justified; why or why not?
1/26/1987 Randy Saucedo, Sally Jean Peck Do you think the results of the English 1013 exit exam will affect UTSA's status?
2/9/1988 Randy Saucedo, Sally Jean Peck What did you think of the man who tried to speak on campus last week?
2/23/1988 Mark Mertens, Sally Jean Peck Do you think you get your money's worth out of UTSA's student services?
3/8/1988 Peter Smith, Sally Jean Peck What do you think about the recent fee hikes approved by the Board of Regents?
4/5/1988 Peter Smith, Sally Jean Peck Do you believe this year's Student Representative Assembly has been effective?
4/19/1988 Peter Smith Does UTSA's summer schedule need to be expanded?
5/3/1988 none none


  1. "Browsing items in: Paisano Student Newspaper". UTSA Libraries Special Collections. Retrieved August 8, 2012.
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