In the 1986-1987 academic year, the Paisano began to have an advisory board.


Fall 1986Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Alberto Ramirez
  • News Editors: Neil Scott, Linell M. Scott, Dane Schiller
  • Features Editor: Lori L. Smith
  • Business/Ad Managers: Karen Meyer, Melissa Carabaza, Karen Powell, Michael Y. Heridia
  • Photographers: Connie Young, Ty Zeretzke
  • Photo Editor: Sebastian Wren
  • Assistant Photo Editor: Suzanne Kimbro
  • Artists/Cartoonists: Charles Ingram, William Walker, Teresa Duran, Kyle McQuilkin, Alberto Ramirez, Elias Alonzo
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Aaron Adams
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Spring 1987Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Aaron Adams
  • Managing Editor: Sebastian Wren
  • News Editor: Dane Schiller
  • Features Editor: Scarlet L. King
  • Business/Ad Managers: Cristina Besosa, Kevin Jacks
  • Photographers: Jill Mathis, Sebastian Wren, Sally Jean Peck
  • Sports Editor: Greg Oaks
  • Photo Editor: Lloyd Walsh
  • Artists/Cartoonists: Scarlet L. King, William Walker, Jim Buckelew
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Advisory BoardEdit

  • John Bauer
  • Steven G. Kellman
  • Petrea Sandlin
  • Ron Miller
  • Woody Smith


Issue Vol. No. Date Day Sample cover story[1]
88 6 9 6/3/1986 Tue Williams Takes Over Vice-Presidency
89 6 10 7/11/1986 Fri Campus dorms to open this fall
90 7 11 9/4/1986 Thu Funding cuts of 17.5% could eliminate summer session
91 7 12 9/18/1986 Thu Accreditation and budget issues plague college of business
92 7 13 10/2/1986 Thu Texas politics observed first hand
93 7 14 10/16/1986 Thu UTSA's money problems not yet resolved
94 7 15 10/30/1986 Thu South African battlefront reaches UTSA
95 7 16 11/6/1986 Thu Rep Garcia discusses future of higher education
96 7 17 11/20/1986 Thu Ten lines draw lines
97 7 18 12/4/1986 Thu Campaign to Protect Human Rights in Chile
98 8 1 1/22/1987 Thu UTSA celebration honors Martin Luther King, Jr.
99 8 2 2/5/1987 Thu 27.9 million authorized for new UTSA engineering building
100 8 3 2/19/1987 Thu UTSA police chief charged with sexual and racial discrimination
101 8 4 3/5/1987 Thu 2nd rate future for UTSA
102 8 5 3/19/1987 Thu Vietnamese heritage defended by former cabinet member
103 8 6 4/9/1987 Thu Mbata predicts a free South Africa
104 8 7 4/23/1987 Thu Professor leaves UTSA to pursue academic career
105 8 8 5/7/1987 Thu Students rally to protest racial problems at UTSA

Photo PollEdit

Date Listed Author(s) Question
9/4/1986 Sebastian Wren How do you feel about legalizing gambling as a solution to the state's budget crisis?
9/18/1986 Sebastian Wren, Nicholas Wren Do you approve of the mandatory drug testing of athletes at UTSA?
10/2/1986 Sebastian Wren Do you think that students at UTSA are overly apathetic?
10/16/1986 Sebastian Wren, Aaron Adams Do you think that the fraternities and sororities which have charters here at UTSA are beneficial to campus life?
10/30/1986 Sebastian Wren, Aaron Adams Do you think that the complete divestment of American economic interests from South Africa is the best policy in dealing with Apartheid?
11/6/1986 Sebastian Wren, Aaron Adams Do you think that the raising of the drinking age has had any effects and, if so, have they been beneficial?
11/20/1986 Sebastian Wren, Aaron Adams Do you think that the new telephone registration system is more convenient than the previous system?
12/4/1986 Sebastian Wren, Aaron Adams What do you want for Christmas?
1/22/1987 Sebastian Wren, Lloyd Walsh In this photo poll, students were allowed to speak out on the subject of their choice.
2/5/1987 Sebastian Wren, Lloyd Walsh How could overcrowding be cured in state prisons?
2/19/1987 none Do you feel that the recent publicity given to the use of condoms will be helpful in controlling the spread of AIDS?
3/5/1987 Sebastian Wren, Lloyd Walsh, Aaron Adams The Student Representative Assembly was given $18,200 of the Student Services fees this year. Do you have any ideas as to how they have spent this money?
3/19/1987 Aaron Adams, Sebastian Wren What do you think about the Vatican's recent decision concerning in vitro fertilization methods?
4/9/1987 Aaron Adams, Sebastian Wren Do you feel that the news media presents an inaccurate picture of events to the public due to a liberal bias?
4/23/1987 none none
5/7/1987 none none


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