Fall 1985Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Anita Valencia
  • Managing Editors: Nicki Calicott, Laura Horton
  • News Editor: Charles R. Ingram
  • Business/Ad Managers: Sheri Trammell, Melissa Carabaza
  • Photographers: Noe Saldana, Paul Liebrock, John Garcia, Ralph Howell
  • Photo Editors: Laura Horton, Stuart Craig
  • Assistant Photo Editors: Stuart Craig, Ty Zeretzke
  • Artists/Cartoonist: Alberto Ramirez
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo

Spring 1986Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Charles R. Ingram
  • Managing Editor: Lori L. Smith
  • News Editor: Cindi Nash
  • Features Editor: Stuart Craig
  • Business/Ad Managers: Sheri Trammell, Melissa Carabaza
  • Photographers: Noe Saldana, Paul Liebrock, Laura Horton, Ty Zeretzke, Scott Sutherli, Ralph Howell, Suzanne Kimbro
  • Sports Editor: Don Belkin
  • Photo Editor: Sebastian Wren
  • Artists/Cartoonists: Alberto Ramirez, William Walker, Tisha Salinas, Kyle McQuilkin, Mark Powers, Grant Sutherland
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Alberto Ramirez
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo


Issue Vol. No. Date Day Sample cover story[1]
70 5 9 6/7/1985 Fri Air Force ROTC Gains New Leadership
71 5 10 7/12/1985 Fri Former Student Receives Permission To Sue
72 5 11 8/27/1985 Tue Survey Says Most Freshman Expectations Unrealistic
73 5 12 9/10/1985 Tue Student Center Opening Projected For April
74 5 13 9/24/1985 Tue Shake-Up Benefits Forensics
75 5 14 10/8/1985 Tue SRA Budget Funds Festivities, Directory
76 5 15 10/22/1985 Tue U.S. Ambassador Kirkpatrick Addresses Terrorism
77 5 16 11/5/1985 Tue Proposed Dorms Near Reality
78 5 17 11/19/1985 Tue Sex Suit Plagues Athletic Dept.
79 5 18 12/3/1985 Tue Reps Promote Covered Walkways, Student Attorney, Dead Days
80 6 1 1/21/1986 Tue Tenure dispute nets Levi $300,000
81 6 2 2/4/1986 Tue Player abuse rocks campus
82 6 3 2/18/1986 Tue Gramm-Rudman slashes student aid by 20 percent
83 6 4 3/4/1986 Tue Homecoming salutes Texas
84 6 5 3/18/1986 Tue Crabtree wins run-off
85 6 6 4/8/1986 Tue Burmeister named coach
86 6 7 4/22/1986 Tue English 1033 cancelled
87 6 8 5/6/1986 Tue Whitson tenure decision angers faculty

Photo PollEdit

Date Listed Author(s) Question
2/4/1986 Sebastian Wren What do you think of the Coach Don Eddy situation?
2/18/1986 none How do you feel the Gramm-Ruddman Bill will affect your future education?
3/4/1986 Cinthya Pillot, Sebastian Wren Do you think the US should give sanctuary to Ferdinand Marcos?
3/18/1986 Sebastian Wren, Alberto Ramirez Do you feel that Texas teachers should be forced to take the TCAT?
4/8/1986 Sebastian Wren, Alberto Ramirez Do you feel city council should pass an ordinance banning smoking in public places?
4/22/1986 Sebastian Wren, Alberto Ramirez How do you feel about the administration canceling all English 1033 courses permanently?
5/6/1986 none In the light of the recent nuclear power plant disaster in Russia, do you believe San Antonio should pull out of the South Texas Nuclear Project?
6/3/1986 none none
7/11/1986 Sebastian Wren, Alberto Ramirez Do you feel that the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding sodomy laws is an infringement of the civil liberties of homosexuals and heterosexuals?


  1. "Browsing items in: Paisano Student Newspaper". UTSA Libraries Special Collections. Retrieved August 8, 2012.
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